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Re: Please upload your DebConf22 slides to Salsa

Hello video team,

Can you add my slides to the repository? I don't have rights to git push.

You can find my slides at the link below:

I've attached the pdf slide with the folder name already in place.


Le 01/08/2022 à 12:30, content@debconf.org a écrit :
Dear conference speaker,

Did you use slides or some kind of visual support for the talk you gave at

If possible, we would like you to upload them to this git LFS repository:


You can find documentation on how to do so and where to put them at the
following link:


If you find this process too complex, you can always send us your slides at
<debconf-video@lists.debian.org> and we'll be more than happy to upload them
for you.

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to speak at DebConf22!

The DebConf Video Team

Joenio Marques da Costa
Research Software Engineer
GPG: 9B2D 64BF 843D 6DC1 D8C1  752C 2E31 D3FD E6D0 8FF4

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