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Re: Call for travel and accommodation budget requests for core videoteam members for DebConf22


Em 17/03/2022 16:32, Louis-Philippe Véronneau escreveu:

We've started preparing for the upcoming DebConf22, which will take
place in Prizren, Kosovo, from Sunday 17th to Sunday 24th July 2022.
DebCamp will be held between July 10th and 16th 2022. [1]

As per previous in-person DebConfs (it's been a while!), we will need to
give the bursaries team a clear overview of our budget requirements for
travel and accommodation for our *core team members*.

If you are planning to go to DC22, consider yourself a core videoteam
member (with great powers comes great responsibilities...) and require
either travel or accommodation sponsorship, please add your name to the
following email draft:


Our next meeting will be held on May 31st, were we will discuss and
hopefully approve said email draft. You have until then to modify it!


[1]: https://debconf22.debconf.org/

I'm planning to attend DC22. I have registered and requested bursary.
I have helped at DC online, and and i will be great to help and stay with video team at DC22.

Thanks for this opportunity.


Daniel Lenharo
Curitiba - Brazil
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