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New DC Video equipment + flight cases

Hey all,

I've been working on a purchase list to replace the case that was stolen in Brussels, so that we have some audio equipment in Regensburg.

For the audio equipment, I've come up with two options:

 Either buy the exact same Shure BLX series equipment, with better antennas. https://www.thomann.de/fr/wishlist_4u_61e9a6aa3a0c.html?sort=user - 3025 EUR

 Or move to a Shure SLX-D digital system (with the same antenna distribution system). https://www.thomann.de/fr/wishlist_4u_5153a5842b43.html?sort=user - 3777 EUR

The analog system operates in the 823-832 MHz "S8" band; the digital system operates in the 823-832 MHz and 863-865 MHz "S50" bands.

We also had a few things on our to-buy list:
 - cables https://www.thomann.de/fr/wishlist_4u_ba47e6b61a31.html?sort=user - 1100 EUR for the list of cables from the wiki page. I'm not 100% sure about the SDI cable drum, so it might make sense to buy one to check it out first. The snake is also overkill, but smaller ones aren't in stock for a while.
 - random audio stuff https://www.thomann.de/fr/wishlist_4u_dcbfeb0a99fb.html?sort=user (a cable tester, DI boxes, a light for the mixing desk)

As for flight cases, the Gator case was crap and barely survived its second freight shipment to Hamburg.

After looking at pre-built options and not finding anything satisfactory, I've been specing out a stack of 3 custom-built flight cases, all with the same footprint of 546x615mm (weird size, but it matches the size needed for accommodating 450mm deep, shock-mounted, 19" rackmount hardware). 

Bottom to top, the stack would be:

 - a 500mm deep trunk, with caster wheels, to contain cable drums and other loose equipment like power strips, etc.
 - the 6U stage box;
 - a 250mm high case, for the mixing desk and accessories.

We could consider adding one more flight case with the same footprint (probably 4-500mm high?) for the Mixing PC and screen, but I haven't checked if the screen and PC would fit in that footprint yet (sounds plausible).

Tobi has arranged access to the workshop at Binary Kitchen in Regensburg, which will allow us to build the flight cases from parts.

The cost of hardware for the three cases would be:
 - 800 EUR of hardware for the three cases (https://krkr.eu/tmp/2021-09-06-N0TkTrJiXP4/eurocase_basket_dcvideo.html)
 - 250 EUR of shockmount rack hardware for the stage box (https://www.thomann.de/fr/wishlist_4u_ab38f3e1397a.html?sort=user)
 - ~200 EUR of panel mounting connectors and other hardware (quality panel mount fixtures are expensive).  https://www.thomann.de/fr/wishlist_4u_5c5067eecc61.html?sort=user
 - 100-150 EUR of tools (drill, rivet gun, replacement saw blades, ...)


 - replacement audio gear : 3025 EUR (analog) / 3777 EUR (digital)
 - new flight cases : 1300 EUR incl. case hardware, shockmount 19" hardware, panel mount fixtures etc., + needed tools
 - new cables : ~1100 EUR (2 video cable drums, 1 audio snake and a bunch of patch cables)
 - audio accessories : 100 EUR (2 stereo DI boxes, lamp for audio desk, ...)

Shall I go ahead with the budget request?

Nicolas Dandrimont

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