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Re: Video Team OnlineMiniConf/Testing Server

On 2020/10/05 12:53, Kyle Robbertze wrote:
> Here is the pricing I built out for Hetzner and DigitalOcean VPSes:
> http://deb.li/3PWAD
> DigitalOcean works out to about 307.27 EUR/month (conversion from USD at
> 1USD=0.85EUR) and Hetzner is 131.59 EUR/month.

Does anyone know which display card Digital Ocean exposes in its VMs? (I
don't have access to a DO droplet right now).

The Hetzner ones uses the virtio card:
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Device 1234:1111 (rev 02)

Which in my local tests works fine with OBS when using the CPU to
render. Not sure what DO uses, some providers pass through an S3 card
because it needs a lot less virtual memory to run, but OBS crashes with
those (not sure if it's due to low memory or some missing symbols or
something like that, but as far as we know it basically doesn't work
under that configuration).


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