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Re: "Retiring" from DebConf

Hey Pollo,

On Sat, Aug 03, 2019 at 12:39:05AM -0400, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> I had been waiting for DebConf19's end to send this email. For lack of
> a better word, I'm "retiring" from all my DebConf involvement.

how about "taking a break"? ;)

> I hadn't been doing a lot of orga stuff lately anyway and I did little
> work on the DebConf Sponsors team this year. I'm mainly stepping down
> from my coordination tasks in the DebConf Videoteam. Someone else
> will have to organise meetings and events, craft agendas and keep track
> of the team's deadlines from now on :)
> As a result, I've quit a bunch of DebConf mailing lists, RT tracker
> queues, Salsa groups and IRC channels. I've also asked DSA to remove me
> from *@debconf.org* aliases. I'll still lurk in the DebConf Videoteam
> IRC channel and on the mailing list, but it saddens me to say I will
> not be doing any concrete work for the videoteam this year, or at least
> nothing related to DC20.

sigh, I'm saddened to read this, though of course I support your
decision and wish you lots of fun & good stuff elsewhere!

I'm just extremely sad how this DC20 decision has increased the divide
in some parts of DebConf (and Debian, but to a lesser degree) and how
years of work are being harmed by this. That said, I neither fear for
the videoteam nor DebConf itself, I just see harm which could have been
avoided and motivation which might not come back.

And anyway: many many thanks for all your work on DebConf!

> I sincerely hope one day we'll all get to see peace in Palestine and
> Israel.

Halevai / In shāʾ Allāh / Amen / me too.


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