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Sandstorm authentication

Hi there

I believe that I am sending this email to the correct people [0]

The DebconfVideo team use storm quite a bit for team management,
documentation etc.  Presently authentication is only available for users
with accounts on systems outside of Debian's control (i.e. GitHub or
Google).  I consider this unacceptable from a privacy point of view, and
so use the tedious method of regular email token exchange for the
purpose of login.

I understand that sandstorm 'can' use our LDAP for the purposes of user
authentication thus avoiding users being tracked outside of Debian
infrastructure [1].

Is this something that you would consider enabling?  I would hope this
would be simpler than implementing Debian SSO which may be more
complicated but perhaps more desirable.

Many thanks


[0] https://wiki.debian.org/Services/storm.debian.net

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