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The DebConf Video Team Needs YOU: training today, 4pm

TL;DR: Video Training in the Main Auditorium at 4pm today.

DebConf relies on volunteers to record and stream video. We cover all of
the scheduled content in the main 3 talk rooms, but this takes a lot of
people to make it happen.

Every room needs at least 6 video volunteers in each talk:
2x Camera Operators
1x Director (Video Mixer)
1x Audio Mixer
1x Talk Meister (to introduce the talks)
1x Room Coordinator
1x Lighting operator (in the main auditorium)

We need your help to do this work. If you're interested, please come to
the main auditorium today at 4pm.

We'll teach you how to do all of these tasks.
And after the training is over, we'll open volunteer slots on the
website, for you to sign up to help.

Video Team can be a great way to contribute to the conference, and
listen to talks at the same time. Come join us, we don't bite!

Oh, and we have T-Shirts for volunteers who have completed 3 tasks :)


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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