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Re: Videos from MiniDebConf Cuba 2017

Hi Leonel,

on youtube description box it is a good idea you write all details you can, for instance:
talk title 
talk description
date when talk happened
speaker name
conference - city - venue
conference url

Best regards,

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> Assunto: Videos from MiniDebConf Cuba 2017

> Hello everyone,
> a few week ago we had a MiniDebConf in Havana, Cuba during CubaConf2017
> [1], we spend almost 2 hours sharing about the Debian Project history,
> presenting 2 major projects created in my local community, talking about
> the Cuban Free Software Repository "RepoGUTL" [2] and finally started
> talking about Reproducible Builds for the first time in Cuba, we are trying
> to share all the content generated during the three days, so far you can
> watch some videos [3][4] recorded in the MiniDebConf. Please share and use
> all social media available using hashtag #DaleCubaConf and help us spread
> the word, that will give us the chance to have some sponsors next year and
> grow the Cuban Free Software Conference.
> Regards from Cuba.
> [1] www.cubaconf.org
> [2] http://www.grm.jovenclub.cu/repogutl/
> [3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEEJfQI9fLk
> [4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCE80YZvpdA
> PD: RepoGUTL url might not vi visible from all over the world, sorry about
> that.

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