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[Debconf-video] DebConf videoteam sprint - Day 1

Hello Debian!

The DebConf videoteam is sprinting in Paris from Nov 17th to Nov 20th
and I ended up with blogging duties.

Since my blog is not on planet.d.o yet (I haven't had time to implement
RSS...), here's a like to the first daily post:

For the sake of it, here's also the text so you don't have to open a


I've been working with the DebConf videoteam for two years now and I'm
slowly starting to understand how things work. If you don't know DebConf
or the work the DebConf videoteam does, let me try to summarize it for you.

Each year, the Debian community gathers for two weeks to hack on stuff
(and drink beer). This awesome moment in the year is called DebConf.
People come from all over the world to work on hard problems and to
watch conferences given by their peers.

The job of the DebConf videoteam is to live stream and record these
conferences so that people can participate remotely or watch the
conferences they missed. You may think it's something easy, but the
videoteam really does miracles. With very little hardware and very neat
free software, we are able to record & stream three contiguous
conference tracks for a whole week. That is quite a feat.

*de res Sprint*

From what I understand, the current workflow of the videoteam looks
somewhat likes this:

* make sure the video gear arrives at $debconf_location at least a week
prior to the conference
* sleep very little and hack the shit out everything during DebCamp to
“Just Make Everything Work™”

To be honest, it kinda works. The videoteam people are really good at
what they are doing and each year we build on the things we did the year
before. The main problem with that kind of workflow is we often cut
corners and write very little documentation.

And that makes us sad :(

We want things to be better. For once, we would like to sleep more
during DebCamp and worry less about everything not working until the
very end. We thus decided we would try to hold two (2) sprints between
DC16 and DC17, mainly to migrate to newer software/hardware. Our main
goals for this first sprint are:

* work on Voctomix
* streamline the streaming infrastructure
* play some more with the Opsis boards
* write some more documentation
* agree on the new hardware we want to buy

Chances are we won't be able to do all this stuff in such a short time

*Stay tuned!*

Debian was kind enough to sponsor our sprint, giving us enough $$$ to
pay some train & plane tickets. I was thus able to make it to Paris \0/.

If you think the stuff we do is interesting, stay tuned! I'll blog our
progress here daily. If you are around, drop-in to say hello (or come
and talk to us on #debconf-video @ OFTC).

The current sprint will run from November 17th to November 20th in
Paris, at IRILL offices.

*Day 1*

The title of this blog post is DebConf videoteam sprint - day 1 so you
might expect a summary of what we did today. Well, we didn't do much. We
mainly used the day to get to Paris and regroup at IRILL.

If neat things come up later today I'll add them here :D


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