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[Debconf-video] Renting cameras & capture cards in Cape Town


During today's meeting we talked about different streaming solutions for

We agreed that we would try out voctomix (CCC live video mixer software)
during DebCamp and if it works out fine we would set up the BoF room to
use it.

On the other hand, we also decided to use dvswitch (our old setup) in
the two main rooms to have a known setup.

We have 4 cameras (2x Panasonic P2HD camera + 2x Canon small cameras).
We need 6 cameras. This means we would have to rent out 2 more cameras
in Cape Town. We also need about 3 PCIe firewire cards.

Since we already know our old cameras work out just fine with the
dvswitch setup, I propose we use them for the 2 main rooms.

This means we could rent out 2 newer cameras to test the voctomix setup.
Problem is that there cameras needs to work with dvswitch too in case we
can't make voctomix work and have time to build the BoF room with the
dvswitch setup.

I'm not the most technically versed person video wise so here's my

- what kind of camera should we be looking to rent?
- what kind of capture card should we use with these cameras?


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