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[Debconf-video] what about annex for video.debian.net archive

Hi our Dear Video Team ;)

I wondered if you might already have somewhere an annex version of
video.debian.net archive?  I now saw only some at
https://github.com/h01ger/conference_proceedings .

I have "poked" today at the video.d.n server and generated an initial
annex until git vomited "fatal: Unknown index entry format 66000000".
But then I also saw


cd /srv/video/video.debian.net
metamonger save
git add .metamonger
git annex add
git commit # (with a useful commit message, see `git log` for the preferred format)

so decided to check -- may be all of it is annexed already anyways. Is

Would you be interested in getting an "annex view" of the video archive?

Is it ok that I am crawling the website, possibly causing some undesired
load (no large files gets downloaded)?

Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Ph.D.
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