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Re: [Debconf-video] video title slide and footer

We could use some help getting the fonts setup on the encoding box. 

Can someone /j #debconf-video and help get the font files right?

On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 4:55 PM, Jack Henschel <jackhenschel97@gmail.com> wrote:
So this is my proposal for the video title slide and ending slide.
Pollo and I talked about this on IRC, and I have no problem with dumping
my version. We should just go with the nicer one.

Intro Slide SVG: http://upper.cf/ul/dc15slideproposal.svg
Intro Slide PNG: http://upper.cf/ul/dc15slideproposal.png
Final Slide SVG: http://upper.cf/ul/dc15end-slide.svg
Final Slide PNG: http://upper.cf/ul/dc15end-slide.png

I used the DejaVu Sans for everything except the talk title, which is
Oxygen Mono (as a visual typeset).

For the colors I tried to stick with the DebConf15 colors used on the
Website (Red, Yellow and Dark-Grey). However the yellow (for the
speaker's name) might be a problem, especially with lower quality
projectors and/or bright rooms.
It shouldn't be a problem to make the yellow a bit darker.

I have included the Platinum Sponsor and the Gold sponsors. I hope this
is correct.

What do you think about this design?

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