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[Debconf-video] Status of things

Hi folks,

During the last meeting[1], a number of people said they'd do something,
but we haven't heard back from them. I'd like to ask what the status on
a few of those things is, otherwise we won't have video at debconf (and
that would be a shame)

- Mehdi (Cc'ed) said he'd contact IRILL to get the gear shipped to the
  venue. Did we contact IRILL? Has the gear been shipped and maybe
  arrived yet? If not, is there anything we can do to help?
- DLange (not sure who that is, tbh) said he'd look at renting audio
  gear, based on tumbleweed's list. Did this happen? If not, is there
  anything we can do to help?
- I went to Jan Geyselinckx' place last week to fetch the twinpacts. I
  have all (8!) of them in my car, and they won't leave it until
  debconf, so that part is good.
- I didn't find my expresscard firewire modules; not sure what happened
  to them. I can get new ones from my usual supplier at about €35
  apiece. Unless someone tells me not to (because they can get them
  cheaper elsewhere, or because they have another solution), I will
  order three of them tomorrow (for two cameras and one twinpact) and
  make sure to bring them.
- There was talk of trying out the various pieces of reviewal software
  from CCC and CarlFK. Did this happen? If not, I suggest we focus on
  'getting gear', and we'll deal with the review workflow during debcamp
  (worst case we hack something up ourselves, though I doubt that's
  going to be necessary).

Anything I missed?

[1] http://meetbot.debian.net/debconf-video/2015/debconf-video.2015-07-21-18.11.html

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