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[Debconf-video] subtitles for debconf 2015 videos

Trying to improve the workflow, this is a call for ideas for the subtitles effort for the debconf 2015. Please reply to the debconfsubs-team list or irc channel [0][1] to keep the noise low for those not interested

This was a very hectic year for me and so I didnt had time to do much on this front until literally a week ago... I hope im able to get something working by the time debconf ends... :)

My idea is to have some web interface with optimal tools (similar to those found offline) coexist with the current git-offline workflow

I estimate it takes around 1-2 hour for each 10 min of finished subtitled content once you have a good setup and if you are a fast typist

There is a peak of people willing to collaborate when the videos are out for the first time... Of course this good will dwindles as time goes by...I aim to transform this peak of good will into actual subtitles. This web will allow to collaborate an hour of your time with minimal effort and still be useful

The benefits i see:
* no need to know git to collaborate
* optimal tools without configuration needed out of the box
* automatic lock on subtitles being worked on

Of course my idea is to implement a hook that automatically submits subtitles to git so you can choose to work online or offline

The best tool online ive found to do this is 'universal subtitles' (unisub) from amara [2]. It is licensed agpl and the author of the subtitles keeps the rights over them [3][4] even if they are done via the amara website

The way the web works is by loading the external videos in a webapp and creating a .srt file that is kept versioned on the server (along with translations). The .srt files can be downloaded at any point

Despite all this, Ive been told in the past [5] that I can't link outside debian infrastructure.

So here i am naively trying to create our own debian box with this software to be able to link to something in this debconf.

I say naively because the unisub repo [6] looks like the nightmare of a sysadmin... It builds a Docker machine where it pulls dependences from all over the board. It deserves a special mention a pull to a specific commit from 2011 from the google closure library [7]

On top of that, it aims to builds the amara.org website, not just unisub backend friendly to be plugged on another site (afaictsf)

its built in python and js. Im not a web developer, im just a sysadmin and more of a perl kinda guy. I wanted to do the transition to python, so this is perfect timing for me, but it might take me longer :)

My concerns right now:
 * where can i put this? I dont know about final requirements yet. Im deploying it in a local jessie vm... its taking around 8Gb. The docker unisub takes 3.5Gb out of the 8Gb
 * are there alternatives? Right now im not sure i'll be able to pull this off in a way that pleases everybody. Somebody on irc mentioned about providing an interfaz for debconf videos this year along the direct downloads. Will a link to amara there be okay? that would save me from a lot of work :)

Ill be working on this on my free time from now on. Your ideas are welcomed


[0] irc://irc.debian.org/debconf-subs
[1] https://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/debconfsubs-team
[2] http://amara.org/en/
[3] amara gets the right to do what they please with the subtitles as well
[4] http://about.amara.org/tos/
[5] http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20140904.182314.caad3b4a.en.html
[6] https://github.com/pculture/unisubs
[7] https://github.com/pculture/unisubs/blob/staging/Dockerfile#L17-L18

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