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[Debconf-video] Pinning down dates


A few days ago I've registered for DC15 and I've stumbled upon the "when do we start doing video stuff" problem. So here it is:

When do we start doing video stuff? Buying plane tickets is cheaper when done in advance. I also think having a calendar is a nice way to organise

RichiH seemed to say on #debconf-video that we did not need to arrive much in advance, since we did not need to do a lot of things for Debcamp. We
would thus have a week to setup the gear and test it if we arrived on Sunday 9th. He also mentioned that we could have a non-exclusive access to the
Youth Hostel. Can anybody confirm that?

Do we agree on a common date for us to meet before Debcamp (7th -8th ?), do we all arrive on the 9th or do we let the team arrive at different time?
Naively, I'd be for the first option: more time = a better setup + a team more familiar with the tools it will have to use. But again, I'm a neewb :p.



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