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[Debconf-video] git annex://conference_proceedings


(this mail is more scetchy than I would have liked, nonetheless I want to send 
it out now and not in three days, when there will be my next opportunity to 
work on this... feedback, corrections and other comments very welcome!)

for some time I wanted to use git annex to manage and securily store the 
Debian+DebConf video recordings and I'm very happy that finally Richi Hartmann 
has beat me to it!

For now, I've clone his git annex repo as 
https://github.com/h01ger/conference_proceedings but I hope we can work on 
_one_ common repo soon. 

Anyway, if you dont know about git annex yet, head over to http://git-
annex.branchable.com/ and read what it's about there. There are very neat use 
cases explained on that frontpage, which should give you the basic idea very 

For video.debian.net I envision we're having one central place to store the 
videos (and other content) plus several backup storages:

apu.debconf.org: 100% trusted storage backend - the source
archive.org: reliable storage backup (copy)
amazon s3: reliable storage backup (copy)
ftp.acc.umu.se: reliable storage backup (copy)

We'll configure git annex so that we'll always want to have the files in at 
least three locations.

ftp.acc.umu.se will remain the main visible frontend / mirror, serving content 
to be announced/propagated as http://video.debian.net (for those who don't yet 
grok the conference_proceedings joy :)

Current problem: I've started a migration (see 
/srv/videotmp/conference_proceedings on apu) but had to cancel the git import 
as the partition is too small. Richi, your help solving this on IRC will be 
appreciated! ;-)


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