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Re: [Debconf-video] Moving debconf-video svn repository to git: cleaning up ?

Hi Franklin,

On Mittwoch, 7. August 2013, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> I committed some modification to the config.git repository, so FAI uses
> the GIT repository.

yay, thanks!
> I have a question:
> FAI does a "git clone" of the full repository (and it's full history),
> that's more than 50Mb to be download, instead of just 1Mb for the FAI
> files. (FAI don't seem to support git shallow clones; i.e "git clone
> --depth=1").
> Most of the space is wasted^Wused by the kernel and initrd files...
> the repo would weight 1.5MB otherwise.
> What do you think of rewriting the full config.git repository history to
> drop all the doc/src/vmlinuz and doc/src/initrd.gz ?

I'd love to see this.

> Note: the firmware*.iso file aren't included in the repository, so a
> clone of the repository isn't sufficient to create a key anymore anyway.

works for me.


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