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[Debconf-video] Debian and Miro Community

Hi Debconf video team,

So, hi. I'm working with the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) on Miro Community. I'm also a person who works on packages in Debian every once in a while, and goes to Debconfs whenever I can.

Miro Community is free, Django-based, AGPLv3-licensed software that anyone can use to create a curated video collection on the web. We also host instances of it, like http://debian.mirocommunity.org/. Participatory Culture Foundation is a US-based non-profit that is dedicated to supporting a democratic media by creating open and decentralized video tools and services. Lately we've been asking Miro Community sites with a lot of videos, custom options, or multiple admins to help us offset hosting and software development costs.

Tiago wrote a post here <http://tiagovaz.org/weblog/index.cgi/english/20110406.01-bye-miro-community> about it. As y'all know, debian.mirocommunity.org is above a few of the limits of our free-of-cost hosting tier.

There are a few reasonable ways forward:

* Debian can self-host a Miro Community instance; I'm happy to help with that. I'm the upstream maintainer, and if someone else wants to do packaging, I can do what I can to make that easy. That's likely to be the most satisfying scenario for Debian. If we (Debian) are lacking a shell account to run MC on, then I can let people have access to the VM I'm using for expo.debian.net.

* Debian can participate in the tiers like anyone else, and maybe do a small fundraiser to pay for the new hosting. http://mirocommunity.org/signup/ explains what tiers there are.

* If Tiago and other people here do like Miro Community, then PCF be willing to donate some Miro Community hosting, so long as we (Debian) keep the MC site active and well-promoted. Anne (CC:d) is the outreach coordinator for Miro Community, and we're really interested in having people use and hear about Miro Community. As I understand it, PCF is willing to help out Debian if helps spread the word about MC, and isn't too onerous in terms of sysadmin+development time.

Whether or not we (Debconf/Debian) end up going with MC, hosted by PCF or not, I want to reiterate some important features of MC:

* It's free software. You can patch it and change the way videos embed.

* The code (tries to) use the native HTML5 video player in browsers where we detect it. (If we fail to use HTML5 native players where possible, it's a bug, and you should file it in Bugzilla.)

* It was *designed* to let you embed videos from elsewhere on the web. There's no need to re-upload videos to it.

* You can integrate it with Universal Subtitles, so that captioning and translating video text is easy. Will Kahn-Greene is working on adding some UI for this <http://bluesock.org/~willg/blog/pmc/psf_grant_2011.html>, and you can actually use it right now if you're willing to go through an extra step when adding videos, or customize the theme. (PCF would be happy to let Debian use a free 'max' account to make this easier if the site stays actively-maintained.)

I'll try to be better at reviewing patches going forward, too. The best way to reach me about Miro Community issues is the #miro-hackers channel on irc.freenode.net. (I'm paulproteus there.)

I, personally, think it would be great if Debian uses MC, hosted by PCF or otherwise.

So that's things from my perspective. What do you all think?

-- Asheesh.

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