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Re: [Debconf-video] A beautiful page to watch Debconf10

On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 08:53 +0000, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 01:20 +0000, Moray Allan wrote:
> > On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 1:51 AM, Valessio Brito
> > <contato@valessiobrito.info> wrote:
> > > http://debianart.org/live/
> > 
> > Can we get the older DebConf videos into this?  There are a lot of old
> > videos that might still be interesting to people, but which are
> > currently hard to find.
> I passed the information for DebConf 5-10 to Valessio as a set of CSV
> files.

Sorry, no, Tiago Vaz was handling the data.


Ben Hutchings
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