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[Debconf-video] videoteam hardware teardown


please excuse the crosspost, but this is important and communication channels 
have been somewhat clocked...


Please don't tear down the videoteam hardware on Saturday evening, and also 
don't do anything without coordinating with Eric or myself. We will do the 
video tear down on Sunday morning. 


The videoteam will tear down its hardware in Schapiro (Davis and Interschool) 
on _Sunday_ morning, so we can review the remaining dv files on Saturday 
evening and then party and socialize a bit. 

Reviewing the rest of the dv files and socialising and partying is very 
important to us, so please dont spoil by this by trying to be helpful.

People who borrowed gear to the video team should also talk with Eric and me 
first, so we can take this gear out without making our remaining work hard or 

This has been discussed with Richard Darst and he and Columbia is fine with 

Again, please leave everything as it is, especially the computers(!) and 
switches(!) (and ethernet+power cables you funny people out there) in Davis 
and Interschool and the s3kr1t coffeeroom - but also the audio+video stuff. 
We want to take everything down in an orderly fashion, as this will make 
sorting+labeling everything later easier.

You are welcome to help on Sunday morning! Hang out on #debconf-video to learn 

To repeat: please don't do anything without coordinating with Eric or myself. 
Thank you.


P.S.: BTW, if you have done video work, but are not mentioned on 
http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/Videoteam/Help#Team_members please add 
yourself there. And ping me, if you havent got a video team shirt, I still 
have some.

P.P.S.: If you like our work, please tell everyone from the team by saying so 
on http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/Videoteam/Thanks

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