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[Debconf-video] review training session / video volunteer coordinators for each room+day


tomorrow at 2 pm we will have a video reviewing training session in one of the 
two rooms right before the elevator in Schapiro. There is a room on the left 
and one on the right, we'll use whichever is free. (Someone please put this in 
the AdHocSessions schedule...!)

If you have signed up to do camera operator, audiomixer or video director, 
please go to the talk which is happening at the same time (of the training 
session) and do the job you thankfully signed up for. 
(There are sadly no free slots we can use for the training, so those who 
cannot make it must learn reviewing from those who went to the session.)

If you want to you can of course try to swap your duties with someone else 
(but please dont just unsign for the job last minute...), and please do 
document this change in Penta as we now have video volunteer coordinators for 
each room.

The video volunteer coordinators for tomorrow (tuesday) are Marga (for Davis) 
and Tassia (for Interschool) who will find other volunteers for your role if 
you dont show up 15min before your session. 
So please save them for finding people for the role you said you would do - 
it's especially annoying if they draft someone else and then you do show 
up, cause then it was useless (coordination) work for nothing.

Thats all for now, thank you all for everything! :-) & have fun!


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