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Re: [Debconf-video] Talk/bof rooms for DC8

On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 10:58 -0300, Damián Viano wrote:
> Hi video team!
>   After settling the venue, we now have to allocate rooms for the
> different track/talks. The thing is that given the rooms we have[1] most of
> the localteam is thinking in not allocating the rooms for a given track
> but to just schedule the talks/bofs in the room needed according the
> amounts of attendees.
>   When this was brought up in the previous localteam meeting I commented
> that I thought this might make you guys a little crazy because I knew
> that the setup for a bof is quite different to the setup for a talk.
>   However most of the team think this is the better way to allocate the
> given rooms. So I'm asking you guys, what do you think? Can you cope with something
> like this?

I can't see anyone else in a great rush to reply (or maybe they
responded off list), so I might as well chime in :-)

It seems to me that coping with all this is fairly normal from past
Debconfs.  Heck, sometimes even the presenters don't decide until
they're in the room!

> [1] (first floor) http://www.marga.com.ar/~marga/salon-dorado2.png red lines are
> divisions to be made for the conference
>     (seventh floor) http://canterville.mine.nu/~martin/Salones%20Dor%C3%A1.png here, the
> "Salón del Mar" room would be used for talks/bofs the "Foyer" as a small
> hacklab on-the-go and the "Microcine" for smaller talk/bofs. There are
> also a small room (~10 persons) a nice and quiet bar and quite some
> couches to have small informal bofs/gatherings in the ground level.
> (for this mail first floor != ground floor, IOW in Argentina we use the
> British convention for floors)

For the primary talk room we will need a location for:
  (A) Primary camera, usually pointed at the speaker
  (B) Audience camera(s) (near the front, perhaps pointing down towards
the audience).
  (C) Camera for slides.  Usually fixed, set to point at the projector
  (D) Space for mixing desk.  Ideally a sound booth so people can talk
without disturbing the speaker/audience.  Needs space for 4-5 people.
  (E) A safe way of running power/network/audio cables among all this.
  (F) The PA.

Usually we will have to compromise on some of this (e.g. last year there
was no sound booth so we were just on tables at the back of the hall).

For the smaller BoF rooms etc the setup is usually a single camera
operator, but if there is a 'second-largest' room, and we have the
equipment, we may want to set up something like the primary one with a
smaller scale.

Hope this helps,
					Andrew McMillan.

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