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Re: [Debconf-video] info needed

On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 18:25 +0300, Bèrto ëd Sèra wrote:
> Hi!
> we are organizing a live videostream from a conference. We will use
> Linux (actually Mac OsX, since everyone there is on Mac).

MacOS X is quite a bit different from Linux!  But you can install Linux
on a Mac.

> I was wondering if you can suggest the easiest setup. We should have a
> phys. videomixer, but it would be nice to also have a soft mix.

We use a hardware audio mixer together with a software video mixer,
dvswitch <http://alioth.debian.org/projects/dvswitch>.  Several of us
are involved in developing dvswitch.  It currently runs on Linux but it
might be portable to MacOS X if its X server supports the Xvideo
extension.  We would probably accept a patch that adds support for MacOS
X in a clean way.

> My main residual problem is that some of the people will be virtually
> present on skype... is there anyway I can grab a skype video/audio sig
> and mix it in with local cams?

I don't use Skype but I'm aware that it encrypts/obfuscates what it does
so you probably can't feed it in directly.  However, there are various
software and hardware tools for capturing graphics from the screen or a
window, and for capturing audio output.  I don't know what's available
for MacOS X.


Ben Hutchings
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