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[Debconf-video] video volunteers wanted, too (was Re: FOSDEM: schedule, booth, and devroom volunteers)


On Thursday 31 January 2008 11:55, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> This will be the schedule for the FOSDEM Debian developers' room:
> Saturday 2008-02-23
> -------------------
[6 events]

> Sunday 2008-02-24
> -----------------
[10 events]

Having read that Wouter wrote:

> I'd like to ask for a volunteer to "man" the developers' room. 

it occurred to me, that I should ask for volunteers for our 48 available 
videos jobs too :-)

If you want to help the video team and know you want to watch a certain talk 
anyway, please dont hesitate to enter your name in the schedules on 

The video mixer job can be done with 2min of training, audio mixer and camera 
requiere _a bit_ more knowledge, at last years FOSDEM we gave camera 
operators about 5min of training :-)

Also, it doesn't hurt to have two persons listed per job, as this provides a 
backup :) So please also add yourself if all jobs are taken :)


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