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[Debconf-video] video.debconf.org

Hi video team,

i guess you plan to have DC7 again with live streams? I know, its a bit
early, but I just had a few minutes, so I prepared something that makes
you more independent from us admins, to avoid delays we had at DC6.

Basically I modified debconf.org, so that video.debconf.org is now a
delegated subdomain. The master for that is on apu.debconf.org, a host
where video team has access to (currently holger and ben). That means
that video team members can add video mirrors on their own during
DebConf7. Editing /etc/bind/zones/video.debconf.org is enough, the
contents of the file should explain what you need to do.

Feel free to start playing sooner than a week before DC7 with it to test
your setup, if needed. :)

bye Joerg
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