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[Debconf-video] grabslides for synchronisation of videos and slides


from http://cortex.unice.fr/~jerome/grabslides/README

grabslides is a command line tool we created to automate the synchronisation
of videos and slides during live and on-demande courses.

It can capture frames from either a Video4Linux device, or from an Axis 
Video Server, and offers unprecedented flexibility to configure this
capturing : device, channel, interframe delay, resolution, compression
factor, output directory, link to the current slide, and so on are
all configurable items. Some of them can be modified while the program
is running through the use of signals, and in the future through a GUI.
In addition, it can generate PDF, HTML and XML documents which will
contain all the captured slides. There again, multiple possibilities are 

We use this software every day to capture slides from the output of
a VGA-to-Composite converter. Once the capture is done, a SMIL generator is
run over the set of slides produced, and a SMIL file linking to
the video and slides, both synchronised, is created. The SMIL generator
we wrote will be published later.


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