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Re: status of the videoraid-files

On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 19:23 +0200, Holger Levsen wrote: 
> Hi there,
> whats the status of the videoraid-files ? Are the files somewhere online ? Can 
> they stay there ? (And for how long?) Do we still need all of them ? (Can 
> they be used to decode to ogg theora ?)

There are only a few videos left to process.  I've been slow to finish
up, but I'll keep working on it today and this weekend.  After I've
finished with all of the raw files I have I'll send a list of what's
missing to Arto.

We shouldn't need the raw video for creating Theora files or high
quality DVDs.  The high quality Mpeg-4 versions should be sufficient for
those purposes.  The Mpeg1 + Mpeg4 files total up to 80GB right now.
When everything is done it should be somewhere under 100GB total.  At
that point if someone else wants a copy via snail-mail, I'd be happy to
provide one.  (Email me off list and I'll tell you where to mail a

> Should we start a todo-list for getting the remaining talks online ? IMO yes, 
> so more people can post-process them. (More on this will follow, still 112 
> mails in my debconf5-video folder which are marked "unread" (they're not, at 
> most).

Downloading a single 12GB talk over the net will take forever.  It's
impractical to get anyone else working on the talks unless they have
physical access to the videoraid.


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