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Re: Another 8 video's

On Sun, 2005-07-31 at 20:12 +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> > I'm now downloading all of July 17th, and the three missing video's from
> > July 14th to dc5video.debian.net. They should be available shortly. I'm
> > putting a MD5SUMS file in the root of dc5video too.
> These two files are in the wrong place:
> 2005-07-14/07-Debian_Installer-Holger_Levsen_Joey_Hess_Christian_perrier_Frans_Pop.mpeg
> (replacing 2005-07-15/FriJul15-1345.mpg) and
> 2005-07-14/08-Are_We_Really_Devoted_to_Our_Users-Margarita_Manterola.mpeg (replacing 2005-07-15/Are_we_really_devoted_to_our_users-by_Margarita_Manterola.mpeg).

My fault...I scp'd them to the wrong directory.

> The one talk still missing from the 14th is "Debian-Kernel Team Overview
> and Status" by Dann Frazier.

This one needs to be done.  The only copy I have is from Herman's camera

> > Once everything is available, it's certainly worth checking over
> > whether everything has been succesfully transferred, and also to delete
> > the temporary raw video footage that's now still there.
> All the T2 talks from the 16th are missing (or were they not recorded?),
> plus "Cross-compiling applications and creating Debian packages for
> embedded systems" by Carlos Aguiar.
> "Package Management and Revision Control, A wedding" Scott James Remnant
> is missing from the 17th.  I particularly wanted to see this and thought
> it was recorded.

I have a copy of this one and still need to do it.  I also have all of
the room2 talks from the 16th.


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