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Re: First tests: dvgrab and kino work, ffmpeg being difficult.


(cc:ed to Martin as he hasn't subscribed... yet :-)

On Friday 06 May 2005 02:47, Herman Robak wrote:
> Dvgrab and Kino work nicely for grabbing DV video.
> Kino can grab from the dv1394 device, and even "cat"
> works for grabbing with dv1394.

Thanks for testing this - I havent put this on the wiki by now, as I think we 
should gather more data before we put up such a list. Also I'm fairly sure, 
Herman remembers his tests ;-))

> On my laptop ffmpeg kept claiming that the grabbing
> device could not be found.  Need to resolve that one!

outsch :)

> Gross hack that might work: Using netcat to send
> dv1394 capture over the network to the streaming
> server.

I'm not sure about this, but reading from the DV cam with cat seems like 
a good idea to me - simple tools are less likely to fail, IME.

John, have you tested, which software works with your cams ?


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