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DebConf24 Logo Contest Results

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the conclusion of the DebConf24 logo contest.

Following the results of the contest, we are attaching the selected
logo for DebConf24 with this email.

We received a total of 354 responses, and the competition among the
top 3 proposals was remarkably close. The winning logo received 88
votes, while the second and third placed logos received 87 and 86
votes, respectively.

The entire raw poll results are available at:


We are currently making adjustments to the logo to ensure it is
print-friendly. The finalized version will be published on the
DebConf24 website shortly.


Thank you for your attention and participation.

Warm regards
Woohee Yang, on behalf of the local team for DebConf at Busan.

Attachment: DebConf24-logo.png
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