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Re: DebConf22 update - dates and venue


On Thu, Aug 05, 2021 at 08:38:13PM +0200, Enkelena Haxhiu wrote:
> Dear Debian members,
> Dear DebConf22 attendees,
> We are happy to announce that the 22nd edition of the Debian
> Conference will happen from 10-24
> July 2022 in Kosovo.
> As is tradition, activities will begin with DebCamp from 10-16 July
> 2022, giving time to contributors
> to focus on their Debian-related projects and tasks. The conference
> will start on 17-24 July 2022
> and will welcome Debian contributors from all over the world.
> After much work and discussions, we decided to hold the event at the
> Innovation & Training Park
> (ITP) in the city of Prizren, instead of the capital Prishtina.
> ITP has better facilities compatible with the conference’s needs. Just
> in case, it also allows for
> more flexible safety and social distancing measures.
> Prizren is Kosovo's most historic town and offers a wonderful summer atmosphere.
> We are certain you will like it.
> Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

How probable do you think it is that it will be possible to meet in
person at all, i.e. how probably it is that

a) vaccination in Kosovo will be advanced enough by this time;
b) in person meetings will be allowed;
c) foreign nationals will be allowed in the country, and under which

I understand that it might be too soon to answer those questions, or
that maybe we can be optimistic and assume the best case scenario by
default. But still we must be prepared for it to go wrong, so we should
probably define a deadline for a go/no-go decision so people can make
plans.  If the worse happens and it can't happen again, we need to know
that well in advance.

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