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call for help: DebConf21 opening/closing sessions


We need help to produce the DebConf21 opening and closing sessions.
Being online, these should be pre-recorded videos.

## Tasks

Based on past experience, for producing those videos we need at least:

- Someone to coordinate the process (ideally someone familiar with
- Writing a script.
- Distributing parts of the script for people to record parts of it.
  - Ensure they record with decent video/audio quality.¹
  - Last year we did multiple people, but that was a lot of work! The
    result is nice because you get different people, but it's also more
    work to get everyone to produce good quality recordings. It's probably
    better to get a few people to record larger segments e.g. a single person
    records each "section" of the script.
- Producing slides from the script.
- Editing a video putting together those slides and the recordings.

¹ https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/docs/advice_for_recording.html
  (also, recording with a phone usually gives better results than
  with a webcam)

These could all be done by the same person, but the more people we have
to help, the lower the load on everyone. So if you like to help with
any of those tasks, please say so.

(if all else fails, maybe we can get away with just one person
presenting a set of slides as a regular "talk" - though that's not as

## About the content itself

Opening usually includes:

- welcome
- thanking our sponsors
- practical information (schedule, streams, IRC, pads, video team volunteering, etc.)

Closing usually includes:

- thanking our sponsors
- a summary of the conference
- various stats provided by the content and video teams

You can use last year as a reference:

You also can (and should) use your creativity to make them more
interesting. :)

The same "thanking our sponsors" snippet can be reused for both opening
and closing. It would also be useful to have it as a separate clip
that can be played in the video loop between sessions.

Closing is special as you need to produce the content in a very short
time, but there are things that you can leave ready beforehand.

## Interested?

Please reply to this mail stating your availability.

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