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Help needed for Matanel activity report (DebConf21)

Hey folks,

Matanel is a Gold sponsor to DebConf21 and as they are a charity they have their own rules on what they support and the associated administrativa.

Could somebody volunteer to fill a two page report during or shortly after DebConf21 and collect five or more "photos of the event" (as in screenshots or pictures people share on social media)?

For inspiration, the 2020 report is public at


The pictures can be seen on http://www.matanel.org/project/debconf-2020/

The numbers of participants / content statistics are available on https://debconf21.debconf.org/statistics/ and the financial bits will be provided independently by SPI again (they have a contract with Matanel around the sponsorship).

I have the .odt from 2020 which I can send to the volunteer(s) to have a good start on writing the 2021 report.

Kind regards,

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