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DebConf21 budget proposal

Dear DPL,

Here is our DebConf21 budget proposal:

$ ./wrapper -f budget.ledger bal
       USD 31,700.00  assets:debian-france
       USD 18,300.00  expenses
        USD 5,000.00    bursaries:expense
       USD 13,100.00    swag
          USD 600.00      pin
        USD 8,000.00      shipping
        USD 4,500.00      t-shirt
          USD 100.00    video
          USD 100.00    voip
      USD -50,000.00  income
       USD -5,000.00    registration
      USD -45,000.00    sponsors
       USD -3,000.00      bronze
       USD -8,000.00      gold
      USD -20,000.00      platinum
      USD -12,000.00      silver
       USD -2,000.00      supporter

Expenses are positive, income is negative. Expected profit is $30k

This hasn't changed much since the first draft in April, but we're far more
confident in the t-shirt numbers, now. They are modelled on a mixture of quotes
and DebConf20 costs. Generally, shipping should be cheaper than DebConf20, by
having printing and shipping more globally distributed.

Can you approve this budget, so we can start printing and shipping?


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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