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Call for DebConf21 Designs

Dear DebConf Designers

You all threw your hat into the the ring with the DebConf20 design
contest last year. Rather than wasting people's time with a contest
again this year, we'd like to make design for DebConf21 a collaborative

To get started, we've got a live website with a derivative of the
debconf20 design. But I'm sure you can collectively do better :)

Here's a Salsa Issue where we can colloborate on the design. Feel free
to make MRs into the dc21-online repo with design assets.

I (stefanor@debian.org, tumbleweed on IRC) can advise on what is and
isn't easy to do in website design. Ideally, I'd like someone to
volunteer to coordinate the design process.

BCCing everyone who submitted a design last for DebConf20's logo
contest. Discussion can continue on the debconf-team mailing list, and
the salsa issue.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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