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Re: Hello, DebConf21

CC-ing the new names in case they aren't subscribed.

Hi Frank (2021.04.03_16:20:51_+0000)
> Kind regards, I am Frank Barrera, I have knowledge in graphic design and I
> would like to collaborate with DebConf21. How can I join the team of
> collaborators?

Thanks for the interest. I'd suggest:

1. Subscribing to this mailing list, if you haven't yet.
2. Joining #debconf-team on IRC. If you are new to IRC, it's available
   over Matrix too. I'd suggest:

We have scheduled our next team meeting for Monday, 2021-04-12, 18:00
UTC, on #debconf-team. If those times don't suit everyone, we can take a
poll to find times that work.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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