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Re: Incident response at DC20 (and onward)

Thanks! What's the best way to accomplish getting something on the
agenda for the next meeting (and getting to it)?


On 2020-05-06 15:05, Giacomo Catenazzi wrote:
> On 06.05.20 18:46, Molly de Blanc wrote:
>> Hi DebConf Team,
>> I'm contacting you on behalf of the Community Team. We'd like to open a
>> channel of communication around Code of Conduct enforcement and incident
>> response at DebConf. While DefConf is under the organization of the
>> DebConf Team, we're very interested in doing what we can to help make
>> the DC space welcoming, friendly, and safe for everyone who
>> participates. Would you be interested in having a chat about your plans
>> and the best ways, if any, for the teams to coordinate?
> Hello Molly,
> [From my memory, mostly past conferences]. DebConf didn't have own
> enforcement team: we listed the debian email address, and we contacted
> the anti-harassment team in advance, to see if email was active and to
> have some people locally. IIRC on DC18 none of anti-harassment team
> member attended, but they elected some proxies, and AFAIK things went
> well (on procedure side, there were some works for both local and
> official team).  It is not so different from DebConf having regular
> contacts with DPL, DSA, etc.: DebConf is Debian: better to use Debian
> resources instead of reinventing the wheel.
> I think the best way it is to make a item on a next DebConf meeting,
> and then you can explain how do you want to manage things, and which
> help do you need from DebConf. Then probably the rest will follow in
> smaller group. Just someone should remember the busy team about
> linking coding of conduct in relevant documentation/registration
> forms, checking that we publish email address, etc. [and the on-site
> people should be accustomed with few registration and orga people:
> local orga probably can enforce better decisions (contact local
> police/guards, keys managements, etc.)].
> ciao
> 	cate

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