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Re: Public review meeting #2 for DebConf21 bids - meeting notes and next steps

Dear Enkelena,

that is awesome, thank you very much!

All the best over to Pristina, enjoy the rest of the day with the community!

Best regards,

Am 12.02.20 um 19:07 schrieb Enkelena Haxhija:

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020, 17:34 Enkelena Haxhija <enkelena.98@gmail.com <mailto:enkelena.98@gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hi again,

    Thank you Daniel for your answer.

    I want to inform you that on Friday, 12th February 15:30 UTC+1 we have
    a meeting in person with FLOSSK(Free Libre Open Source Software
    Kosovo) where
    we will definitely know if they will fully support our bid and be in
    the local
    team for Kosovo.

    Please check who they are and their work:
    also on twitter: https://twitter.com/flosskosova?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

    We have previously spoken to them, also last week during FOSDEM we meet
    and they are open for support, but this will be an official meeting
    and we will get
    their answer!

    So please check the info I sent and a few hours before the deadline
    I will let
    you know about their decision.

    I believe this would fulfil our lack in numbers of the local team
    members, as
    they have many volunteers and have much experience in such large

    Best regards,

    On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 8:33 PM Daniel Lange <DLange@debian.org
    <mailto:DLange@debian.org>> wrote:

        Hi Enkelena,

        Am 05.02.20 um 12:05 schrieb Enkelena Haxhija:
         > Will there be an IRC meeting at that deadline time?

        Most likely not. May be the DebConf committee members discuss
        in #debconf-team on IRC but we do not plan a formal meeting.

        Please send us your info on the team status via email and/or
        come chat
        to us in -team.

        Kind regards,

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