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Re: [Bureau] [rt.debian.org #7871] Reimbursement request: DebConf19 video team shipping and


good to read you!

Am 04.08.19 um 10:15 schrieb Pierre-Elliott Bécue:
>> You'll find attached the receipts for the first part of the
>> expenses I have incurred for hipping of the video team hardware
>> to Curitiba, as well as some miscellaneous expenses done on
>> site. The total claimed for reimbursement is 1014.61 EUR.
>> I believe this comes out of the expenses:video:general line of
>> the DebConf budget, which is attached (dpl_approval_dc19.eml).
>> I've Cc'd Antonio as DebConf Treasurer, and I'll give him the
>> ticket info so he can confirm that this is the case.

> Dear Nicolas, Sam, Antonio,
I'll chime in as I know the budget *and* am awake (timezones and such)

> As the amount of the expenses made by olasd is outstanding, I'd
> like you to answer as fast as possible regarding olasd assumption
> for where in the budget should the video expenses he made lie.
This is covered by expenses:video:general which totals up to 6,800.00 USD.
FTR: This line item sums up the video team cost incurred onsite (buy
incidentals), the shipping olasd kindly did (there) / will do (back)
and flight cost reimbursement for two crucial video team members.

Kind regards,

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