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Re: List of tasks for volunteers

On 12/06/2019 22:38, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana wrote:
Hi all,

I opened an issue for list tasks for volunteers.
Please help to fill it.


Best regards,
Hi Paulo
You have asked for volunteers - this is great, we will certainly need them.
For the video team you have asked for

 o  Room Coordinator
 o  Director
 o  Sound Technician
 o  Camera Operator

This is indeed the case - these roles need to be filled for every talk in each of the 3 talk rooms that are to be filmed (indeed we need 2 camera operators per room).Most of the time there will be several members of the video team in each room but we rely heavily on volunteers attending to step into each of these roles during the conference.

If you are interested in volunteering there will be a schedule to sign up for each of the tasks for each talk, please add your name to it.  You don't need to volunteer for every talk, just pick the ones you would be attending anyway :-)

Finally we run several training sessions towards the end of DebCamp and over the first couple of days of DebConf.  We'll cover each roll on a general session and then run a few more detailed workshops for specific roles.   Newbies and old hands are all welcome...

/Andy (RattusRattus)
for and behalf of debconf video team

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