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Report from DC19 local team sprint at Campus Party


From February 12th to 17th, a part of the DebConf19 local team met in
São Paulo for a sprint during the Campus Party Brazil 2019 (CPBR12)[1]

We took advantage of the event to discuss and advance some topics about
DebConf. The topics covered were:

 * Conference Dinner
 * Cheese and Wine Party
 * Crownfunding
 * Application form
 * Internet link
 * Artwork
 * Report about FOSDEM meeting
 * Sponsorship
 * Wiki revision
 * Visa

The details of what was discussed, can be seen in our report[2].


[1] https://brasil.campus-party.org/
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/19/Meetings/Sprint201902English

Best regards

Daniel Lenharo de Souza
DebConf19 - Local team
GPG: 31D8 0509 460E FB31 DF4B
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