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DebConf19 updates - October 2018


These are the updates in the DebConf19 organization for October 2018

On the recent Brazilian elections

As you most probably know, on October 28th Brazil elected a new president,
Jair Bolsonaro, which is considered by many as a Far-Right populist. We all
from the local team have our personal opinions on the topic, but let's try
to be as neutral and objective as humanly possible.

We understand that several people are concerned about coming to Brazil for
DebConf19. We respect that, but at this point it is too soon to make any
predictions about what could and could not happen in the future.

Yes, there will be many policies implemented that will be unpopular to many,
and the president elect did make several racist, homophobic and misogynous
statements in the distant and not so distant past. But his term only begins
January 1st, and at the moment we have no data to assume any specific change in
Brazilian society and its institutions that justify specific concerns. A lot of
voters and politicians decided to support him despite -- and not because of --
his questionable ideas, because they considered the alternative to be worse; it
is reasonable to expect that he will not have the political support to actually
enact anti human rights policies.

We are all on top of the situation, and will let you know if any facts come up
that should be cause for concern by DebConf attendees.

The local team is committed to the DebConf Code of Conduct and the Debian Code
of Conduct. We are working to promote a safe environment for all participants
and we will be happy to have you here with us in 2019.

Local team sprint, October 23-26 2018

Several members of the local team were gathered during a local free software
conference in Curitiba to work on DC19 preparations. Highlights:

* the members who don't live in Curitiba stayed in the DC19 hotel for a test
  drive, and so far the facilities are approved.
* several catering details were planned, including the regular lunch/dinner,
  C&W party, conference dinner
* we made a survey of the existing network, audio, and video infrastructure
  at UTFPR and of the needed equipment to setup the DC infra in there.
* discussed potential invited speakers for Open Day
* discussed several points with regards to visa and travel arrangements
* started contacts with child care professionals
* discussed day trip options and agreed on day trip guides
* several other miscellaneous details were discussed

More details can be found at the wiki:

Completed tasks

* Nacional Inn Hotel contract
  (in special, the first payment was already charged to SPI)

Ongoing tasks

* Catering
* Visa arrangements
* Create and approve DC19 budget
* Prepare local entity
* UTFPR contract

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