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Re: Debconf19 hotel contract


On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 01:57:53PM -0300, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Hello,
> After some back and forth with the hotel (thanks to Paulo!), we have a hotel
> contract that we are comfortable with.

So far, we received no negative feedback on the contract, so we will go
ahead and sign it on Monday Oct. 15th

At the end of the meeting on Monday, there were only two remaining
questions that needed clarification. One was with regards to the following

> **CLAUSE TWO --**
> Apartments:
> 1. Single apartments: R$ 153.00 per person per night.
> 1. Double, triple and quadruple apartments: R$ 85.00 per person per night.

We discussed whether a room with 1 person was a single apartment and
would therefore cost R$ 153 per night, independent of how many beds it
has. I just called the hotel and confirmed that is the case: "single
apartment" is standard hotel-speak for an apartment that is being
occupied by only one person (probably this is obvious, but I was the one
that questioned). So:

- if we decide to have apartments with just 1 person this will cost R$
  153 per night
- an apartment with more than 1 person costs R$ 85 per night

So we should prioritize filling up rooms with at least two people as
much as possible.

The other question was with regards to children. Hotel policy is that
children up to 7 years old don't pay. Children older than that pay the
same value as adults.

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