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Re: Work and fun related questions

1. Hack and smoke might not possible unless you can stand the heat in the parking lot (which is one of three permitted smoking spot) for a prolonged time. Otherwise there are many places, whether outdoors or indoors, you can hack along. Wi-Fi access without captive portal might not be provided outside the venue.

2. We have people working on the beer supply in the campus, although selling alcohol in the convenience stores in campus raised some disputes long ago.

There's no pubs/Biergarten/Izakaya (居酒屋) within walking distance FWIW, but if you drive/bike/take public transport, there are several around. Also there are bike rental services, but "drunk and driving" is applied to bikers. Wi-Fi access is also not provided by us so you might want to buy cellular data packages for that.

Smoking is prohibited other than the specified smoking spots inside the campus. Also due to the governmental regulations smoking is not allowed inside the publicly accessible buildings. However pubs do let people smoke outdoors.

I can't has beer,
Yao Wei
Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>於 2018年4月10日 週二,21:24寫道:
Same questions but without the smoking requirement. ;-)

See you


On Sun, Apr 08, 2018 at 01:21:59AM +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:
> Dear local team,
> I have a few question for which I couldn't find answers on the
> website or the wiki. I apologize if I missed them and welcome
> pointers in that case.
> 1) Day time / Hacking
> I'm not a big fan of sitting in hacklabs and prefer to take my laptop
> outside. Is it possible to sit somewhere outside, in a quiet place
> with shadow and wifi, where I can hack and smoke?
> 2) Evening / Sozialising
> I like to spend my evenings with fellow debianistas chatting and
> having a $beverage. Is there a bar/pub/... at the campus, with inside
> and/or outside seating (aka "beergarden") or in walking distance
> off-campus? What opening hours, $beverage supplies, and smoking
> regulations can we expect there?
> Thanks in advance,
> gregor
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