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[Debconf-team] DebConf Team Meeting - Sep 21 2017 14:30 UTC


As someone put in the IRC title, the next meeting is arranged at:

  Sep 21 2017 14:30 UTC

Actually the reason why we have a meeting one week after the last is:

  1. We need to track the progress of brochures, flyers and its
     translations, as well as the website debconf18.debconf.org.

  2. The correspondance of DC18 Venue (NCTU) is requesting us some
     documents for applying govermental sponsorships.  One of 3
     available fund applications is going to open next month.

Meanwhile, please:

  * Prepare and check meeting agenda at http://deb.li/3OYuV , and

  * Write your role(s) or wannabe(s) in the wiki page:

I think it could be fine to invite NCTU correspondance into the meeting.
What do you think?

Thank you,
Yao Wei

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