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[Debconf-team] RFC: Draft plan & email / DebConf infra migration to DSA


as discussed with many of you during DC17 the DC core team (whatever
that really is) would like to try again and move the DebConf
infra-structure into DSA operations. That effort stalled somewhere after
DC16 when we made the partial mail migration. So let's try again to get
more infra cleaned up and into DSA operations.

I've taken the task to collect the items to migrate and drafted an
initial email to DSA at


Please review that.

I'd be most interested in feedback on what to do with cruft we have
accumulated over the years.
See https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/mirror/domains.git/tree/debconf.org
for probably the best overview available.
https://debconf.org/resources.shtml is another list (and worth replacing
itself as it still shows DC16 as "Current DebConf site" so this is
clearly neither maintained not used.)

I'd really like to reduce the set from what we run for DebConf down to:
* Wafer (debconfXY.debconf.org)
* The DebConf wiki (itself in discussion of merging with Debian wiki,
  another thing that's not gone anywhere after DC15 / DC16 discussions)
* Email / Mailing lists
* {media|git} static file / git (-annex) hosting (ideally moving to the
  alioth successor (currently nicknamed "salsa") at some point in time)
* Infra for the video team (mostly archive:=storage) as per-DC
  requirements can be covered by temporary VMs / cloud instances
* The Kanboard instance we have used for DebConf17 and are using for
  DebConf18 now. That seems to be a valuable light weight tool.
* Anything else I missed which is essential and maintained (please add
  to the above Etherpad!)

Feel free to edit the pad as you see fit. No need to comment on email
first unless you are unsure about something but want to call attention
to it.

We can discuss this is the upcoming team meeting (14.09.17 13:00 UTC
looks most likely now) as well. I'll be traveling though so I may or may
not be able to participate well depending on network connectivity.

I'd like to send the email to DSA in ~two weeks if there are no major
objections coming up that warrant a delay. So please edit / comment
until 25.09.17 23:59 AoE.

Kind regards,

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