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[Debconf-team] decide D18 sponsorship structure

Hi all,

Currently I am working on DC18 brochure and flyer. The following is
current proposed sponsorship structure. Please provide your opinion
about this:


* supporter: < NTD$60,000 or < USD$2,000
* bronze: NTD$60,000 or USD$2,000
* silver: NTD$150,000 or USD$5,000
* gold: NTD$300,000 or USD$10,000
* platinum: NTD$600,000 or USD$20,000


* Logo on sponsor webpage: supporter or up
* Logo with backlikn on all webpages: bronze or up
* Access to swag bags: silver or up
* Logo on t-shirt and conference bag: silver or up
* Presence at job fair: gold or up
* Logo on podium banners: platinum
* Moention in press releases: platinum

* How many slots can we provide for job fair?

ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) czchen@{czchen,debian}.org
Key fingerprint = BA04 346D C2E1 FE63 C790  8793 CC65 B0CD EC27 5D5B

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