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Re: [Debconf-team] DC16 Financial Report

Hi Chris (2017.08.04_18:42:47_+0200)
> > DC16 made a total profit of about 35 000 USD (500 000 ZAR).
> (Can you clarify what happens to this?)

The money is in the Trusted Organisations. It was collected into
multiple TOs - the most convenient one for each sponsor. SPI reported
[0] a loss of USD 16k for DebConf16. The balance will be income to SPI
(service fees, money transfer cost) and income to our accounts in other
TOs. All the DebConf16 expenses were paid through SPI, and money
collected in South Africa (from sponsors and attendees).

[0] http://spi-inc.org/corporate/annual-reports/2016.pdf

> Can you briefly expand on the following two items for me?
> >           476.81 USD    correction

We are missing 2 invoices, which we have made correction bookings for.

> >         7,555.03 USD    discretionary

The budget covered the large foreseeable expenses and everything else
was booked as discretionary. This included things like bus hire for the
day trips, front desk expenses, network cable, and a full team
(DPL-authorised) farewell dinner.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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