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[Debconf-team] Sunday 30th, 10:00 EST - Pre-DebCamp meeting


DebConf17 starts next week! We are holding an in-person meeting at the
venue (Collège de Maisonneuve) on Sunday 30th at 10:00 EST (local time).

We'll meet at the Front Desk.

You can also consult our last meeting notes here [1] or at the end of
this mail.

[1] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Meetings/2017-07-24


People cannot change their own data anymore after the last change.

*Volunteering system*

Volunteering system will be merged to master today.

An upstream PR will be made shortly after.


Schedule discrepancies have been fixed and emails to announce the
official schedule are on their way.

*Conference dinner*

The alcohol permit for the tower will be delayed for bureaucracy issues.

The contract for the tower is not yet signed because people are still in


We had a minor issue with t-shirt shipping, but hopefully everything
should be taken care of today.

Valessio will prepare the video loops.


The ordered equipment has been delivered; shipping has been sorted;
rental is being sorted for the rest of the equipment.

We'll use a local 4TB raid 5 for the videoteam.


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