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[Debconf-team] article for mybroadband.co.za and bits.debian.org

Hi everybody

DebCamp is beginning this week and DebConf next week. I think it would
be nice to write an article announcing the main events, the schedule,
the open weekend... as it was suggested in the debconf-team irc channel.

I've written an initial version in


It may be published both in bits.debian.org and in mybroadband.co.za
(South Africa tech news website), maybe we can produce 2 different
versions if needed.

Contributions/reviews are welcome. I think the current text is too
long, so probably I'll make a second pass later today to try to
summarize a bit.

I hope to get it ready for Wednesday debconf team meeting. Suggestions
about when to publish are also welcome (I suppose ASAP :)

Laura Arjona Reina

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